What you can report here

This is a place where you can report any inappropriate or potentially illegal activity with or towards a child online. This might be a conversation with someone online who you think may be an adult, and is treating a child in a way which makes you feel uncomfortable, or you think may be trying to meet them for sex.

Content that you have seen online, which you consider to be potentially illegal, can be reported to the Internet Watch Foundation. There is no need to contact the police directly as the Internet Watch Foundation are qualified to judge the illegality of the material and will report to the police if necessary.

You can find more detailed information on the kinds of reports being handled by the CEOP Centre by clicking here.

Where your report goes

The Government has set up the CEOP Centre to take these reports and make sure that young people are safe online. This Centre is staffed by specialist police officers and investigators. Your report will go to straight to them, however if the report is deemed to require immediate action outside of the Centre's operating hours the information will automatically be passed to one of our Virtual Global Taskforce members, all of whom are law enforcement, who will look at it and decide if it requires immediate action and send an alert back to the UK if required.

What happens next?

Your report will go to law enforcement experts who are specialists in the internet. They understand how easy it is to be tricked online and your report will be believed. A police officer/specialist investigator will be then be in touch with you.

The next step

If you wish to submit a report about abuse the next step is to select the appropriate method using the What are you reporting? page.

If you are not living within the UK you will need to make a report via the Virtual Global Taskforce website.