Cambodia Advisory Panel

CEOP believes in ‘making every child matter… everywhere’. In partnership with other government agencies, NGO’s and industry members, we work to reduce the harm caused to children, families and society by child abuse in an international as well as domestic context.

Central to our efforts within the international context has been the creation of Advisory Panels in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Romania where traffickers and travelling child sex offenders from the UK and elsewhere pose a significant risk to the welfare and rights of children.

Providing a central function for mutual resource, support and information sharing, Advisory Panel members inform CEOP’s and each others’ work to prevent the exploitation of children in the region by British and other foreign Nationals. These groups are self-governing and made up of multi agency representatives from law enforcement, government agencies, NGO’s, UN agencies and British Embassy officials.

The Panels act as a critical and constructive “friend” ensuring that our work in the region remains focused, informed and relevant to local need and demand.  Each group ultimately aims to:

  • Deliver a holistic approach targeting offenders and protecting victims
  • Share expertise and cultural understanding
  • Deliver joint education and awareness campaigns
  • Inform in-country capability building initiatives

The work of the Advisory Panels and Panel members is supported through the developing ICPN webpages where members will have the facility to share resources and communicate, as well as share links to their individual websites in order to demonstrate the united approach we are taking to combat child sexual exploitation internationally and send a strong deterrent message to would be offenders.

Our Members

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