How can you prevent online CSAE on your platform?

Child Sex Offenders (CSOs) target online platforms that are known to be used by children. Your company can put measures in place to help prevent and deter CSOs from exploiting your platform for online CSAE. Below are some tips that may assist with this:

  • Require users to verify their accounts in order to utilise your platform – verifying emails and phone numbers will assist in linking the account to a real life user
  • Pro-actively monitor and scan your network for illegal content and behaviours
  • For accounts used by children, set the strongest possible security and privacy settings as default
  • Prevent Virtual Private Networks or Hidden and Anonymising services from accessing your platform
  • Establish clear community guidelines setting appropriate age limits and standards of behaviour and content for your platform
  • Provide children with advice on how to stay safe online whilst using your service
  • Provide advice, specific to parents and other responsible adults, regarding the specific characteristics of your service and how children can use them safely
  • Provide parental control functions within your service 

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